Black Rainbow is an electro and new wave monthly dance party produced by True Mother Records. Conceived by Mark Gertz of Chicago's Dark Wave Disco and trendsetter Rowynn Dumont, the party started as an underground event in the Lower East Side, accessed through a Mexican restaurant kitchen. The party quickly grew in popularity with handmade fliers and DIY decorations, attracting notable DJs like Tommie Sunshine (Brooklyn Fire Records), Jeremy Dawson (Shiny Toy Guns), and Alexander Technique (Techno Rebels Only). Black Rainbow has since become a legendary party, voted as DoNYC's TopPicks in 2019 and 2021, with current residents DJ Mark Gertz & Supes Base, Rowynn Dumont, and Shah Malik.
Past Residents: Jeremy Bastard, Matt Wells (Jaded Lover), Conrad Clifton (Infinite Pool Records), Blake Miller (Moving Units), Heavy Halo (John Bourke / Mike McKeever), John Voltains (OverDrive Boston), Heaven Malone, Kelly Hurt, Furusho von Puttkammer, Cassidy Haley, and Sergio Douglas. 

Photos by Conrad Clifton

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