How does one start an entire scene?
Most of the time, it just happens with a small spark. Consider this tale: Once upon a time, a man named Trancid was spinning at Big Wig late one Sunday night. A mysterious unknown DJ called Mark Gertz walked right in and pitched an idea to Trancid about forming an evening unlike any other, featuring electro and techno versus indie rock. Trancid smiled and jumped on board, finding himself in a room with graphic designer/impresario PaulInChicago, Greg Corner (the strangely tall bassist of Kill Hannah) and Gertz. After much scheming, the quartet laid plans for their first Dark Wave Disco in 2005. They held no expectations; it would just be a hodge-pode of local acts and DJs of the west side hipster set. Gertz sought out Arturo Valle of Panic FIlms to make a pretty mess on the walls and the next thing they knew; there was an audio and video revolution in the works. Trancid howls with delight, "You couldn't walk anywhere in Wicker Park without seeing a poster advertising that Dark Wave. We papered the city's west side - avoiding cops, handing out flyers." It was that act that brought out over 300 like-minded hipsters to their first party at Sonotheque on a frigid March night. Realizing they were on to something great, Gertz and Corner started talking to local publications about promoting the event. Suddenly, national attention came from the likes of SPIN and BPM, calling Dark Wave "one of the hottest parties in the country." Big acts like Tommie Sunshine, Steve Aoki, Lady Sovereign, The Sounds, and New York's notorious MisShapes all dropped in to mix sets with the new kings of the hipster set over the next two years, securing Dark Wave's notoriety and also, stellar guest list. - Chicago Scene Magazine
Dark Wave Disco Chicago: Mark Gertz, Greg Corner, Miguel Martin

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